5 Real Life Examples "Did you change the nature of your job?" in an Interview

It is common interview question as it tests your ability to walk through a decision process and leads you to reveal your thought process.

Here are five real life examples of this popular job interview question.

By increasing productivity, reducing errors

I have improved the nature of my job by increasing productivity, reducing errors and improving the efficiency of work.

I have made sure that all our employees are trained well and they are given proper guidance to perform their tasks in an efficient manner.

I have also made sure that the company has enough resources to support the production process in a timely manner.

By doing this, I have not only improved the nature of my job but also increased its productivity as well.

By learning new skills

I am a software developer and I have changed the nature of my job by learning new skills.

I learned to use Python, which is a programming language, so that I could create more complex programs.

I also learned how to work with other developers on projects and was able to create better code than before.

By improving the efficiency of our team's workflow

Yes, I did. I changed the nature of my job by improving the efficiency of our team's workflow.

The way we were working before was inefficient because there were so many steps and people involved in each task. It was difficult to know who needed to do what and when, and it was difficult for us to find out if everyone on the team had completed their part of a project before moving on to the next step.

I changed this by creating a new document management system that allowed us to keep track of all tasks in one place, so everyone on my team could see what they needed to do at all times.

I also created a checklist system so that we could make sure no one missed any steps or made any mistakes along the way. These changes greatly improved our efficiency as a team, which allowed me to get more done with less effort over time.

By adding more responsibilities

I did not change the nature of my job, but I have improved it by adding more responsibilities and expanding my skills.

When I first started working at [company name], I was only responsible for writing content for the company website.

Now, as a result of my hard work and dedication to learning new things, I am able to perform a variety of different tasks.

My most recent accomplishment is that I was able to successfully lead a team of writers in creating several articles on our blog.

By increasing my knowledge of French

I did change the nature of my job. I have improved it in many ways.

For example, when I was hired by the company, I was not familiar with the products that we produce. So during my first month at work, I spent most of my time learning about our products and how they work.

This was very helpful because now I can answer any questions that customers may have regarding our products.

Another way that I have improved my job is by increasing my knowledge of English and French languages.

This has helped me to communicate with foreign customers as well as local customers more effectively than before.