6 Real Life Examples of “How would you describe yourself?” in an Interview

The question “How would you describe yourself ?” can be one of the most difficult to answer. Essentially, you're being asked to provide a summary of your skills, traits, and successes.

In this article, I have provided 7 real-life examples of “How would you describe yourself” that you can use to help structure your interview answers. Let's Review!

Dedicated to excellence

I would describe myself as a person who is dedicated to excellence. I'm always learning and growing, and I value the relationships that I build.

When I started working at my current job, I was so excited to get started, but there were some gaps in my knowledge of the industry that made it difficult for me to be as productive as possible.

Instead of giving up on the job or leaving because of this, I took it upon myself to fill in those gaps by reading books and talking to colleagues who had more experience than me.It was challenging, but by taking this approach I was able to become an expert in my field within less than a year.

My dedication to excellence extends beyond just work—I am also very dedicated in my personal life. When I'm not working or spending time with friends and family, you'll find me volunteering at local charities or playing sports like tennis or basketball.

Determined and committed to achieving their goals

I would describe myself as someone who is very determined and committed to achieving their goals. I am also very good at multitasking, which makes me a great team player.

I will give an example of this from my last job. My company was having problems with its website and needed a new one built by the end of the week.

I was able to take on this big project while still completing other tasks that had been assigned to me, such as creating a marketing campaign for our client’s business.

Because everyone else was busy, I also took on some of their responsibilities so they could focus on fixing the website. This allowed us to meet our deadline and ensure that our client was happy with our work.

Willing to go the extra mile

I would describe myself as a dedicated and hardworking individual. I have always been willing to go the extra mile to get things done, and my work ethic has helped me build up a strong sense of responsibility.

I have always been eager to learn new things and adapt to new situations. This means that when I am faced with problems, I do not complain about them—I take action and find solutions.

I am also very organized, which helps ensure that all my tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Analytical, but also very empathetic

I would describe myself as a person who is very analytical, but also very empathetic. I am able to take a step back and look at a situation from multiple angles and see all of the potential outcomes.

This is especially important in my current role, where I interact with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and have to make sure that my approach is appropriate for each individual.

At the same time, I think my ability to empathize with others has helped me build strong relationships with my colleagues—I always try to put myself in their shoes, and I know what it feels like when someone comes down hard on you for no reason.That's why I try to be as patient and understanding as possible when dealing with others' issues.


I am a very creative person, and I love to take on new challenges. I'm always up for a new project, and I like to take different approaches to solving problems.

My favorite thing about working at [company name] is the opportunity to learn new things every day. I know that at any moment, there's going to be a new challenge in front of me that I need to figure out how to solve. That keeps me on my toes and excited about what's coming next.

Hard Worker

I would describe myself as a hard worker, who is always looking for ways to improve my skills. I believe that in order to be successful, you need to work hard, but also learn from your mistakes and strive to get better every day.

For example, when I was working at [company name], I noticed that there were several issues with how we were handling our customer service emails. The team was not responding quickly enough, and the emails were being sent out in random order instead of in the correct order based on when they were received. This made it difficult for customers to know whether their question had been answered or not.

I brought this issue up with my manager and together we came up with a solution: we created a system where all of our emails are placed in a queue based on when they were received by our customer service department (instead of just being sent out randomly). This way, customers can easily look through the email queue and see if their question has been answered yet without having to wait around for days or even weeks for their response.

It took us about two weeks to implement this new system, but now our customers receive responses within 24 hours—which is much better than waiting weeks!