25 Common Mobile App Design Interview Questions

When you're interviewing for a mobile design job, you should be ready to answer a variety of questions.

Here are some of the most common:

  1. What is your process for designing a mobile app?
  2. What is your favorite platform to design for and why?
  3. How do you keep up with the latest trends in design?
  4. What's the most exciting/interesting project you've worked on recently?
  5. How do you manage your time when working on multiple projects at once?
  6. What is your design philosophy?
  7. What are the top three things you look for when designing a website or web application?
  8. What are the differences between Android and iOS design patterns?
  9. How do you approach wireframing and prototyping for a new project?
  10. How do you go about researching UX for a new project?
  11. What are some of the core principles behind good UX design? Can you give me an example from a real-life project?
  12. What is the most important aspect of mobile user experience?
  13. How do you handle feedback on your designs?
  14. What would be an example of a bad app experience? Why do you think this experience was bad? How would you make it better?
  15. What is your favorite mobile application? Why do you like it? What makes it so special?
  16. What are some ways that you can design a user interface to be more engaging?
  17. What are the biggest challenges facing mobile app developers today? How do you think those challenges could be overcome?
  18. What is your experience with designing for different devices, screen sizes, and resolutions? How do you make sure that a design translates well across different platforms?
  19. How do you envision the future of mobile?
  20. How do you determine if an app idea has potential for success or not?
  21. What is your dream app? Why?
  22. If you could redesign any app that exists right now, which one would it be and why?
  23. What is the biggest mistake people make when designing apps?
  24. What would be the first thing you would do if you were hired?
  25. Do you have any questions for me?