21 Common Product Research Interview Questions

Below is a list of common questions that can be used during an interview:

  1. What type of product research do you do?
  2. How long have you been doing product research?
  3. What are your favourite kinds of products to research?
  4. What's the most fun part of product research?
  5. How do you define product research?
  6. What is your process for product research?
  7. What are some of the most important factors to consider when conducting product research?
  8. What is the best way to gather customer feedback?
  9. What is your definition of a good product?
  10. What do you look for in a product?
  11. How would you measure the success of a product?
  12. What are the key metrics being tracked to measure success?
  13. What is a typical user flow?
  14. What are some of the challenges you face in your job?
  15. What is a typical day like for you?
  16. How did you get started in this field?
  17. What was your path to landing this role?
  18. What are some of the most common issues or bugs you encounter?
  19. What is your go-to-market strategy?
  20. What are some of the most interesting things you've learned while doing product research?
  21. What is the most difficult part of the product research process for you personally?