7 Real Life Examples of “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview

Getting ready for a job interview? It's time to figure out one of the most important parts, "Tell Me About Yourself".

This is likely a question you'll be asked by your potential boss at some point during the interview.

What do you say? We'll walk through some examples to help paint a picture for a specific context.

Because this is often the opening question, be careful that you don’t run off at the mouth. Keep your answer to a minute or two, and consider four topics:

  • Early Years
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Recent Career Experience

Hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic individual

I would describe myself as a hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic individual. I have been working in the [industry] for over five years now, and I have held several positions during that time.

I believe that these roles have helped me gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experience that will be useful for this position.

I am currently working as a [job title], which involves managing a team of five employees who are responsible for creating and implementing new marketing campaigns. One of my most important responsibilities is to make sure that the campaigns meet all of our clients' needs and expectations.

In addition to this, I also manage all of my team's budgets and make sure they are working efficiently together on projects.

I think this position would be a great fit because it allows me to use my leadership skills while also giving me the opportunity to improve my communication skills with other departments within the company.

Fast learner with a proven track record of success

I'd describe myself as a fast learner with a proven track record of success in the field. I have worked on teams that were responsible for all aspects of publishing, from writing and editing to design and marketing. I am comfortable working independently, but also enjoy collaborating with others.

My most recent work experience was at [company name], where I was responsible for implementing a new design strategy across the entire site. This included rebranding our website to follow the latest trends in web design, as well as creating our social media presence from scratch.

I am excited about this opportunity because it will allow me to continue my career path in marketing communications—a field that has always been interesting to me, and one that offers so many possibilities for growth.

Strong background in IT

I have a strong background in IT, which is a field I love. I have worked for [company name] and [company name] for a total of [years].

I started my career at [company name], where I was responsible for managing the company's entire IT infrastructure. In this role, I was able to create new policies and procedures that increased efficiency and productivity across the entire organization.

After that, I moved on to work at [company name], where I was responsible for managing the company's data centers. Here, too, I was able to make significant improvements—in this case by creating an automated system that reduced errors by 25%.

My most recent position was as Chief Technology Officer at [company name]. This role gave me the opportunity to oversee all aspects of the company's technology operations.

Detail-oriented, organized, and passionate

I would describe myself as someone who is detail-oriented, organized, and passionate about the work that I do.

I have a background in finance and accounting. My most impressive responsibilities included implementing new financial policies throughout a company, which resulted in a $2 million increase in net earnings over a period of six months.

In my previous experience, I worked as an accountant at [company name] where I was responsible for calculating and distributing salaries to over 2,000 employees. During this time, I also developed new systems for inventory tracking and improved the efficiency of our cash flow by 20%.

I found this job because I was looking for a position where I could utilize my skills in finance and accounting while working with people who share my passion for financial growth and development.

Experience of 4 years in the financial sector

I've spent the past 4 years in the financial sector, where I've been able to focus on researching and implementing new strategies that improve our bottom line. I've had a hand in the creation of a new data analysis system that has helped us save more than $6 million dollars, as well as spearheading an internal training program for new hires.

I'm looking for a new challenge and am excited to work at [company name]. Your company is known for its innovative approach to business and I believe that my experience will help me contribute in a meaningful way.

Driven, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking individual

I'm a driven, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking individual. I am a strong communicator and have always been able to foster strong relationships with my colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders.

I've spent the last five years working for a small business in [city name] as an account manager for [company name].

My responsibilities included managing the company's accounts with [company name], where I oversaw the creation of reports and communications for financial forecasting and sales forecasting.

I also managed the client relationship with [company name], which involved regular meetings to ensure the smooth running of our business operations.

I am excited about this new opportunity because it will allow me to further develop my skills in accounting and finance while continuing to work on a range of projects that will help grow our business.

Fast learner and eager to learn new skills

I'd describe myself as a person who is always on the lookout for new challenges. I'm a fast learner and eager to learn new skills.

In my last job, I was in charge of managing a large team of 12 data scientists. During that time, we were able to develop an algorithm capable of predicting customer behavior with 92% accuracy by analyzing their past purchases. This resulted in an increase in revenue by over 25%.

At the moment, I'm looking for a new challenge that will allow me to grow professionally and personally.