5 Real-Life Examples "When have you demonstrated leadership skills?" in an Interview

In a job interview, chances are you will be asked the question "When have you demonstrated leadership skills?".

As common a question as it may be, it's important to have an answer ready for this. In this article, I will answer this question with examples from real life.

  • Start by explaining what good leadership means to you, and back up your points with examples.
  • Leadership plays a part in almost every role, to some extent, so you should be able to demonstrate leadership credentials at whatever stage you’re at in your career.
  • Talk about a time when you had a specific leadership challenge to overcome, and how you used skills such as strategic thinking, empathy, decisiveness, and clear communication to do so.

When we were tasked with improving our customer service

Leadership is a quality that I have always had and that has served me very well in all aspects of my life. I'm particularly proud of the time I've demonstrated leadership skills as a leader on the [team name] team.

This past year, we were tasked with improving our customer service. We realized that this was a challenge because we had never really had to focus so much on customer satisfaction before—our focus was more on improving our product, which is what customers come to us for in the first place.

When we started working on this project, it became apparent that our customers' needs were not being met. We needed to figure out why, and how we could change things for them so that they would be happy with our products again.

I decided that the best way for us to do this was by taking a look at ourselves from their perspective.

This meant asking questions like "What are they looking for?" and "How can we make sure they get it?" as well as "What do they expect from us?" and "How can we make sure they're getting what they expect?"

When it came down to it, these questions led us right back to our core values—the things that make us who we are—and gave us some ideas about

When I was working as a manager

Leadership is a skill that is not just important, but vital in any role. In fact, I believe that leadership ability is the most important characteristic of a great manager.

I have demonstrated leadership skills in my past roles as well as in my current position.

In one particular instance, I was working as a manager for a small team of employees who were responsible for maintaining our system of record for customer data. The team was very new to the company, and there were some challenges with creating processes for entering new customer data into the system.

I led by example and created a process that would allow everyone on the team to enter data into the system in an organized manner while also ensuring that they had access to all the necessary resources they needed at their fingertips. This process has been successfully implemented by several employees since then.

When I was working as an assistant

I have demonstrated my leadership skills in the workplace by being a strong, confident leader who can take command of a team and guide them through difficult tasks. I have also demonstrated leadership skills by being able to adapt to changing situations, which requires the ability to be flexible and make quick decisions.

One example of this is when I was working as an assistant at [company name], where I was responsible for managing several different projects. One of these projects involved coordinating with several different departments to get them all on the same page about our goals and deadlines, as well as finding ways for us all to work together more efficiently.

This was a challenging task because there were so many different personalities involved, but at the end of the day, it was successful because we were able to come together and make plans that would work best for everyone involved.

When one of our projects was delayed

Leadership is about bringing people together to accomplish a shared goal. It's about making sure everyone understands the desired outcome and how their work contributes to it and then working with them to make sure they're on track.

I've demonstrated leadership skills by getting my team to work together to complete our goals, even when there were obstacles in the way.

For example, one of our projects was delayed because one of our members was out sick for several days. I worked with my team to find ways to cover for her while still keeping our project moving forward as much as possible.

When I was tasked with managing a team of developers who were working on a new web application

I have demonstrated leadership skills in my past roles, as well as in my current role as a project manager.

In my most recent position, I was tasked with managing a team of developers who were working on a new web application. The client had high expectations for the project, and it was important that we deliver on time and within budget. I had to work closely with my team members to ensure that they were all on track and able to deliver their specific parts of the project.

I did this by setting clear expectations at the beginning of each iteration and by communicating with them regularly about how things were progressing.

We also used agile methodologies that required us to meet in person every day for stand-up meetings where everyone could share their progress and any issues they might be facing. This allowed our entire team to stay aligned on what was being done throughout the week, so we could resolve any potential problems before they become major issues later down the road.

In addition to these regular check-ins with each other, I also scheduled weekly one-on-one meetings with each member of my team so we could discuss their progress and any challenges they might be having personally or professionally—which helped me understand what was going wrong before it.